Our company is engaged in the sale of electric lighting appliances and has had a long standing experience in the sphere, but, nevertheless we have always been in the process of improvement, constantly increasing the level of quality of the said appliances.

You are expected to buy the best quality newest models of electric lighting, in the network of shops "Merkez Elektrik Aydınlatma", "Merkez Elektrik LTD" and "Star Elektrik" belonging to "MERKEZ ELEKTRIK" LTD.
Presenting goods made in Turkey, Europe, Eastern Asia, we help customers in choosing the most suitable one's to their test and demand.

Granting services of the highest level we do our best to meet the demand of our customers to the utmost. The success we achieved in the sphere supplies us with the stimuli to increase the quality of our services. Servise spectrum includes assembling and service of the lighting equipment.
Commodities sold by the network shops "MERKEZ ELEKTRIK" LTD are aimed for different customers.

Illumination is an art and professionalism is a means of developing the art. Believe us we are professionals in illumination. We hope to gain your appreciation for the services we render.


Merkez Elektrik LTD
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